Deliver policies with confidence, mitigate E&O risk

Kay automates policy checking to bring efficiency to post-bind operations. Made for brokers.

Policy checking has challenged brokers for decades, creating months-long backlogs. We have seen situation where the next renewal cycle came and the client had never received the prior policy.
VP, Insurance Consultant
Policy checking is a time-consuming process. The account manager has to go through a 300 page policy document and compare it against application for coverage, carrier quotations, the binding documents, endorsements, exclusions, proposals and ACCORD forms.
COO, Insurance Brokerage

How it works

One click document gathering

Secure integration into your AMS and DMS to retrieve documents. Fits right into your existing workflow.

Accurate policy check within minutes

Compare and identify discrepancies from 100+ page documents within minutes using fine-tuned AI. No matter what format.

Flexible and custom processes

Create custom policy checks and processes with zero engineering effort. Configurable to your agency preference.

Generate reports and checklists

Easy to use interface for review. Always keep comprehensive logs and checklists for audit.

Modernize your operations today. We promise white-glove support from day 1.

Kay is built with bank-grade security. Compliant and Reliable. We do the heavy-lifting so you can focus on business critical tasks.